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Our approach to fitness is rooted in a holistic perspective on health. By combining cutting-edge technology with expert guidance from our personal trainers, we help you achieve your fitness goals while also improving your overall well-being. Our advanced approach ensures that you get the most out of your workouts, with benefits that extend far beyond just physical fitness.

Faster Fat Loss

Faster Fat Loss

During an ARX workout, perfectly loaded resistance leads to greater muscle force production, burning larger amounts of glycogen in your muscle tissue, and preventing excess glycogen storage as fat.

Carol Bike's 'fat burn' ride uses scientifically developed Reduced-Exertion High-Intensity Interval Training (REHIT) to boost metabolism and promote fat burning even after the workout is over.

Greater Strength Gains

Greater Strength Gains

Proper strength training can reverse the muscle and strength loss that occurs after 30 years of age. The optimal resitance provided by the ARX results in greater muscle fiber recruitment, stimulating more muscle growth and strength gains.

Improved Brain Health

Improved Brain Health

Our training methods focus on brain health and reducing age-related cognitive decline. Our LiveO2 system enhances brain health by delivering more oxygen to the brain. Research shows that LiveO2 boosts brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) production, a protein that supports brain cell growth and survival.



Unhealthy work environments, chronic stress, and insufficient sleep can accelerate the aging process and negatively impact energy levels. Our wellness modalities promote cellular health and boost energy levels.

Expert Accountability

Work With a Trainer

The studies show that working with a trainer can make all the difference in achieving your fitness goals. At Fortis Fit, you will always complete your workouts under the guidance of one of our certified fitness professionals..

Our Equipment

Utilising Science and Technology

Our Equipment

Utilising Science and Technology

Validated Research

Woman in ARX - Black and White | Fortis Fit

ACE – Certified™: How Adaptive Training Compares To Traditional Resistance Training

In the ever-evolving world of fitness, new technologies and equipment are constantly emerging, promising to provide a more effective and efficient way to exercise. One such innovation is adaptive resistance exercise equipment, which uses advanced…

PDF File Download | Fortis Fit
ARX Machine | Fortis Fit

Adaptive Resistance Training Is Superior To Traditional Resistance Exercise

The International Journal Of Research In Exercise Physiology recently featured a randomized, controlled study that compared the outcomes of Adaptive Resistance (ARX) and traditional moderate-intensity resistance exercise with weights …

PDF File Download | Fortis Fit

Our Community Reviews

Fortis Fit
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John FrancisJohn Francis
23:53 06 Oct 23
As someone who enjoys the gym and being active but is becoming increasingly time poor, Fortis Fit has been the perfect solution. The equipment is far more advanced than what you'd find in a regular gym, and with this, results have come significantly faster as well. Sessions are under 30 mins which is more than enough. I've had a ongoing shoulder injury which has really improved since starting with Fortis Fit due to the equipment really helping with my rehab. The team are very knowledgable and have really helped with my fitness journey. I can recommend trying Fortis at least once to fully grasp how unique this place is.
Stephen MackinderStephen Mackinder
06:12 28 Sep 23
Clint coached me with a 30-minute workout which seemed easy enough at first… I quickly realised I was only able to complete 4 or 5 good reps. Maybe I’m not as strong as I thought! It was one of the most intensive workouts I’ve had done leaving me feeling invigorated, yet tired for 3 days! Fortis Fit is a workout on fire - a real pioneer in fitness… comparable to the way AI is helping people work more effectively and in less time in education and business.
Daniele OnofaroDaniele Onofaro
06:18 22 Sep 23
At first I was sceptical after hearing how all I needed was 26 minutes per week to train to my full potential and reach optimal form using these new type of machine. 1 month In and i can definitely say I’m impressed with the quick turn around in results. I have more free time to spend with my family and concentrate on more important matters. Highly recommend every one give Fortis Fit a try and see for your self. It’s risk free and Clint and Dan are a great support full of knowledge.
Tony WeirTony Weir
07:20 15 Sep 23
I've been training with Fortis Fit for 6 weeks now I cannot believe the results I've achieved over that period in the 1 to 2 half an hour session per week I do in my lunch break. While its pretty hard work, I haven't had the same results with traditional training methods and equipment. The best part is it doesn't take much time, I feel great, and can see my improved results each week on the equipment.
Chris DeeryChris Deery
10:17 11 Sep 23
This may sound crazy but since I’ve started using liveO2 on August 4th, 2023 my hair has stopped falling out and I no longer see my scalp so my hair is also thicker or some has grown back.Considering the cost of hair treatments such as skull caps, medications, and transplants Fortis has been a great investment with this result alone. I’m glad I’ve been able to get these results in such a beneficial way for my body.
Tony CaineTony Caine
09:32 07 Sep 23
Training at Fortis is a game changer. It’s amazing how one session can give you so many results.I love how I can very clearly see how I’m tracking against my last session and my overall performance.Plus the amount of time I get back in my week by only having to train once a week is super cool!Highly recommend 💪
Thomas GairThomas Gair
08:15 04 Sep 23
Very friendly staff. It has brought the joy back into going to the gym.
khalil rahmekhalil rahme
03:20 24 Aug 23
Nathan WedesweilerNathan Wedesweiler
06:31 07 Aug 23
Such a great idea! You are able to get an intense full body workout in in under 30 minutes at a level no weight training session can match. Very time efficient and effective. Loved the workout, looking forward to the next session
Zane JegersZane Jegers
05:50 07 Aug 23
Fortis fit was the best most time efficient work out I’ve ever done! the machines are super high tech and and after a short 26 minute session I was feeling absolutely pumped! Would highly recommend this great gym
Brett CartnerBrett Cartner
05:41 07 Aug 23
The ARX machinery is incredible and have not been able to train like that in any other gym format.The team at fortis fit were very helpful when learning how to use the machinery. They are been great guiding me through the new process.Looking forward to continuing training here and seeing the results
Liam ThompsonLiam Thompson
05:06 04 Aug 23
Thoroughly enjoyed this new gym. The machines are so high tech, they have so many extra benefits that your ordinary gym equipment simply can’t provide.
Deanna CirinoDeanna Cirino
20:46 01 Aug 23
Never could I have imagined having the most effective and efficient workout in just 26 mins!Only 8 reps on the chest press and my whole upper body feels like I have trained for 2 hours.The only way will train in the future!You must experience it to fully understand the concept!I’m pumped!
Geoff BostonGeoff Boston
05:10 27 Jul 23
A really great, professional team at Fortis Fit who know their stuff. The equipment and programs are revolutionary. Felt like I’d done an hour long workout after less than 30 mins. I would highly recommend - give them a go if you work in the CBD!
Leanne CaveLeanne Cave
03:54 25 Jul 23
This place is revolutionary. It really delivers the results of a great work out in such a short amount of time. My muscles were shaking after 4 x 2 reps of RX leg press and felt like I’d 200 on a regular leg press. I loved the carol bike and in two short sprints a warm up and warm down I did feel like I would of if I had if ran for 40 min . This gym has to be experienced to understand how effective it is. Can’t wait for my body scan of muscle gain after 12 weeks. I’m hooked
Tim ShumackTim Shumack
01:55 19 Jul 23
I need to preface that this is not a sponsored post. I'm just a guy that took up an offer of a free workout on some cool new machines.I consider myself a "gym guy" and when I read that they offer strength and muscle gains in just 26 minutes, I was very sceptical.But that workout was unlike anything I've ever experienced and having now used the machines and had the technology explained to me, I now understand how they can make such lofty statements. I was genuinely pushed to the limit in the best way possible by this.Expect to be pushed hard, but never beyond your ability and expect to feel like you're working muscles like you haven't worked them before - it's actually hard to explain how deep in your muscles you feel these exercises.Don't sleep on this. Just go in and try it then you'll understand why I left this comment.
Billy MorrisBilly Morris
09:45 14 Jun 23
Feels good to finally see some results, and quickly! Really great working with the team at Fortis, look forward to exploring the new machines.
Aidan DennisAidan Dennis
08:27 15 May 23
Really friendly team at Fortis Fit! Quality equipment and a convenient CBD location. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a fitness facility or gym in the city.
Tate WilkinsTate Wilkins
04:05 27 Apr 23
Honest, professional team at fortis who genuinely want to see you achieve your health, fitness and training goals
Ethan KilhamEthan Kilham
03:15 26 Apr 23
Having tried everything, fortis is the only gym that has given me results and fit into my schedule. Highly recommend
jason robinsonjason robinson
13:12 22 Feb 23
Daniel FalconbridgeDaniel Falconbridge
03:43 22 Feb 23

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