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As part of your Fortis Fit membership, we offer you access to a valuable tool to monitor and enhance your body composition and overall health. The Evolt 360 body composition scanner provides detailed data about your body in just 60 seconds. With over 40 precise measurements, this cutting-edge scanner exceeds the limitations of generic BMI calculations. 

By safely passing an electrical current through your feet and hands, the Evolt 360 Scanner accurately determines the differences in muscle mass, fat mass, water content, and minerals. This in-depth analysis provides a holistic understanding of your body composition, going far beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all approach. All of your progress and improvements in body composition can be easily tracked through the Evolt app, which securely stores data from current and previous scans. This allows us to set quantifiable goals in relation to your body composition and ensure that you stay on track.

ACE – Certified™: How Adaptive Training Compares To Traditional Resistance Training

In the ever-evolving world of fitness, new technologies and equipment are constantly emerging, promising to provide a more effective and efficient way to exercise. One such innovation is adaptive resistance exercise equipment, which uses advanced…

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Adaptive Resistance Training Is Superior To Traditional Resistance Exercise

The International Journal Of Research In Exercise Physiology recently featured a randomized, controlled study that compared the outcomes of Adaptive Resistance (ARX) and traditional moderate-intensity resistance exercise with weights …

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High-Performers Who Use Arx

“I’m really excited about using it and the refinements over the last few years have been night and day.”

Tony Robbins

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

“ARX is awesome. You will pile on muscle and strength doing one, 15-minute workout per week. It’s nuts!”

Ben Greenfield

Greenfield Fitness Systems & Kion

“There is no way to get this type of exercise with weights. ARX is the future of exercise.”

Dave Asprey

Bulletproof & Upgrade Labs

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